French Immersion

The French Immersion Program is the same as our English Primary Program, however, exclusively in French. From the ages of 2.6 to 6, children can learn a second language just as easily as they can learn their first language. Through our program they are immersed in everyday experiences in addition to their curriculum studies. Before long children begin to use their French to ask questions, talk to their peers, express ideas and share feelings and thoughts.

French Immersion Teachers

Our French Immersion Teachers are native French speakers and hold Montessori Certifications.

French Immersion Curriculum

  • Our French Immersion Program follows the Montessori curriculum and includes the following subject areas: Practical Life, Sensory Development, Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Geography, Science, Art and Music.
  • Teaching is done entirely in French and is supported by the use of materials in French.
  • Children are immersed in various aspects of French Culture.

Benefits of Early Immersion:

  • Learning a second language at a young age enhances cognitive development.